Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who may register to vote?  Any Citizen of the United States who is or will be eighteen (18) years of age or older before the date of the next election and who is a resident of Meigs County, Tennessee, may register to vote unless disqualified under the law (TCA 2-2-102 and 2-2-104).
  2. How do I register to vote?  Qualified voters may register to vote by obtaining and completing a voter registration form and filing it with the local Election Commission Office.  In Tennessee, individuals may register to vote in person at the local Election Commission Office or at any one of several  public assistance offices, including:  Department of Safety Motor Vehicles (Driver's License) Division; Department of Health; Department of Human Services; Department of Veteran's Affairs; and Military Recruiting Offices.
  3. How do I register to vote by mail?  By completing in full a voter registration form and mailing the form to the Election Commission Office.
  4. What is the last day I may register before an election?  In order to vote in an election, an individual must be properly registered no later than thirty days before an election.  Election Commission Office personnel will process by-mail voter applications if postmarked thirty days or more before any election.
  5. Do I declare a certain political party when I register to vote in Tennessee?  The State of Tennessee does not require someone to declare party affiliation when registering to vote.  Tennessee does have primaries where party nominees who qualify to run for a particular office are elected by majority vote and proceed to the general election held in either August or November.  You do not have to be a member of a party to vote in primaries or in general elections.  Individuals may register with a certain party but are not required to declare a party when registering to vote.  With the exception of Presidential election years when the Presidential Preference Primary is held in march in Tennessee, primaries are held in May and August of even numbered years.
  6. Can I vote for candidates in both parties during a primary?  Crossing party lines to vote for candidates in both parties may occur only in general elections.  During a primary election, a voter must vote for candidates from only one party.
  7. How do I find out where I vote on election day?  Your election day voting location is listed on your voter registration card.  A  "Voter Information Lookup" link on our homepage may also be helpful.  Based on where you live, additional valuable information is provided, such as the district in which you live, city ward, if applicable, school district, state house, state senate, and U.S. Congress district.
  8. I have just moved to Meigs County from another county.  Do I have to re-register?  YES.  You must be registered in the county where you live in order to vote in that county.
  9. How do I change my address if I just moved into Meigs County?  It is very important to keep your voter registration information up to date.  If your address has changed, please notify the Meigs County Election Commission as soon as possible.  Keeping your voter registration records up to date will save you valuable time when you go to vote.
  10. I'll be out of town on election day.  How can I vote?  You have options:  The Meigs County Election Commission offers early voting.  Check our website and the newspaper for notices on when, how and where you can vote early.  If you can't vote early, you may request an "Absentee by Mail Ballot" from the Meigs County Election Commission either in person, by mail, or by fax no earlier than 60 days prior or later than 7 days before the day of the election.  The request must include your name, address, Social Security Number, the out of town address where the ballot can be mailed to, the election (or elections) you wish to vote in, and the valid reason you wish to vote absentee.  The request must be signed by the vote
  11. I am a college student in another county.  How can I vote?  Either request and "Absentee by Mail Ballot" from your county of record or register to vote in the county where you are attending school.
  12. I will be moving to another state a few days before the Presidential election.  How can I make sure I get to vote for President?  You may vote by Absentee Ballot or return to the county where you are registered and vote there in person if you moved less than 30 days before the election.  This only applies to the electors of President and Vice-President, not local elections.
  13. My wife and I are stationed overseas and would like to vote.  How can we do this?  If you are Active Duty Military personnel or a dependent stationed outside your county of residence, a Federal Post Card Application (Form 76) is available through your unit's Voting Assistance Officer, contact your local Election Commission Office to receive a form, or download a Form 76 from this website.  For a U.S. citizen living overseas, a Form 76 may be obtained from the nearest U.S. Embassy.  Mail the completed Form 76 to your local Election Commission Office.
  14. How do I vote if I reside in a nursing home?  Election deputies coordinate voting activities at all state registered nursing homes, homes for the aged, or similar licensed institutions providing permanent housing and care.  Residents may vote early during the early voting period or at their polling place on election day if they prefer.
  15. How close can a candidate or a candidate's representative(s) hand out campaign literature and/or solicit?  A candidate or campaigner cannot come closer than 100 feet to any entrance  of any building where there is voting taking place, unless they are actually voting.  A voter cannot wear any type of campaign shirt, button, or anything else that shows support for or opposition to any candidate or measure on the ballot.  If the voter is willing to cover the shirt, hat, etc. so no one else can see it, they may be allowed to vote.
  16. Can a voter carry a sample ballot in to vote?  yes, as long as the voter does not show it to any other voters.  Each candidate is allowed to appoint a poll watcher at each precinct.
  17. What if a voter has a campaign sign or sticker on their vehicle when the come to the polling place to vote?  Will they be allowed to vote?  Yes, as long as they go straight inside, vote, and leave immediately.  The vehicle cannot be left within the 100 foot boundary once the voter has completed voting.

Didn't find and answer to your question?  Please contact our office for assistance.